Bottom 90% continue struggling to increase income. The silver lining? Our debt burden is easing.


News | by — September 8, 2014

The Federal Reserve has released its latest Survey of Consumer Finances (check out the video on this site for a nice overview).  The report reflects the situation of American consumers about one year ago.  This short article from MarketWatch gives a quick summary.

The report confirms what we continue to hear from our clients, and experience ourselves: most Americans are struggling to grow their income, or even see their income return to pre-2008 levels.  Yet, the report does show that as a whole Americans are dealing with less debt.  This is cold comfort for most Americans still addressing significant debt obligations, but it is good to see the trend going in this direction.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by debt, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation to review your overall financial situation, and learn more about what rights, obligations, and options you may have.

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