Debt Settlement

Eblen Freed offers a full range of options to help you address your outstanding debts. While bankruptcy remains a good option for many, it is not appropriate or recommended in certain situations. With a combined 16 years of experience working in the field of debtor/creditor law, Tim and Michelle have the experience you can rely on to review your financial circumstances and recommend a course of action to manage or eliminate your debt.

How are we different from national debt settlement companies?

Tim and Michelle are first and foremost a small law office. As such we are accessible to our clients, and offer personalized attention and specifically tailored advice. You will find that we are not interested in steering you in one direction over another. Rather, we will work with you to determine your goals, identify whether those goals are realistic and achievable, and design a solution to fit you individually.

Through our bankruptcy practice, we have seen many clients who have unsuccessfully attempted debt settlement. Often, they consult with us for a bankruptcy only after they have been sued by a creditor that they believed was receiving payments through their debt settlement program. This is common because most debt settlement companies escrow, or save-up, a monthly payment made to them until such a time as enough has been saved to offer a lump-sum settlement with a creditor.

We operate differently. We have very strict criteria that a client must meet in order to participate in a program that escrows settlement funds. This strict criterion was developed based upon our experience in settling debts.

In addition, by working with a small law office, we can help you to identify and litigate consumer protection violation claims or dispute an alleged debt.

How are we paid?

Depending on the debt settlement model you choose, we will charge a small account set-up fee, and then are paid on either an hourly or contingency fee basis.