Debtor/Creditor Law

Eblen Freed are experts in debtor/creditor law, and have represented parties on both sides of the coin.

Small businesses with outstanding account receivables often have a difficult time in determining how to get paid. Eblen Freed has represented businesses in negotiating and collecting on debt due, including advising them of applicable state and federal regulations, assessing the validity of disputes raised by the debtor, assessing the likelihood of recovery, and providing options on the most practicable way to address an outstanding account receivable.

Small businesses in debt often have the unenviable task of determining how their business can address debt owed to their creditors while staying viable. Eblen Freed are experienced at negotiating work outs that may allow a business to address its operational needs, while making efforts to address the needs of its creditors. In some cases, a business’ debt load may be too great to bear, and we will help the business to explore its options in unwinding its operations.

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