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The Great Recession as Recorded by Your Credit Report

It has now been almost 7 years since the Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy in September of 2008.  Though the Great Recession officially began in December of 2007, it was this dramatic event that brought the economy to its knees.  Millions of Americans found themselves out of work, defaulting on debts and ending up in foreclosure, bankruptcy […]

Statute of Limitations for Collection of Credit Card Debt in Oregon

A recent Oregon Court of Appeals decision has affirmed that the applicable statute of limitations for collection of credit card debt within the state is 6 years. Multiple Oregon consumers challenged the application of Oregon’s statute of limitations to their debt collection cases based on the credit card user agreement, which specified that Delaware law, […]

How to handle being served a summons and complaint by a creditor or debt collector


News | by — October 6, 2011

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It can be an understandably emotional experience when an individual is struggling to manage their debt load. Feelings of stress, fear, embarrassment, confusion and anger, to name a few, are normal. If a creditor initiates a lawsuit against an individual, then these feelings only intensify. If an individual’s financial picture has gotten to the point […]