Women Suffer Financial Hardship after Divorce more than Men


News | by — August 5, 2014

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Financial literacy and earning power are two huge factors that contribute to the financial success of an individual as they “uncouple” and find themselves single again, according to this recent article.  Studies show that women are hit significantly harder on this front; particularly older woman.  A quarter of divorced woman over 60 years of age are living in poverty.  Moreover, older women see their income drop by 41%; more than double than that of older men.

A workshop called Second Saturday aims to help women coming out of a marriage to combat these startling statistics, by helping them to face the financial issues in their lives and gain skills to help them navigate through the complications of a divorce with their financial wellbeing intact.  Look up a class in the area if you are interested.  The cost is minimal ($45), and includes a resource manual, and refreshments.

Our firm also regularly leads classes on Dealing with Debt at local Multnomah County library branches.  The class is about one hour in length, and is free.  If interested, check here to find out which branches will be hosting us in the near future.

Moreover, if you are interested in a free individual consultation to review your financial picture, and learn more about your rights, obligations, and options, then do not hesitate to contact us.

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